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This page contains public and private combolists taken from other sites (forums, blogs, etc)
Combo lists are text file containing a list of email/username and passwords in a consisent format, usually taken from breached websites.
These lists are provided in order to test your own sites over the Credential Stuffing attacks.
Users are solely responsible for an illegal usage of these list.
Should you find your own account over these list make sure to change your password as your credentials are available to attackers way before we posted it

Combo title Date/Time URL
Leak 80k Full Mail Access Combo list (Shop,NETFLIX,DISNEY+,STEAM,SPOTIFY)2020-08-12 15:47:23http://exe.io/hDGce
Leak 100k Private Gaming base2020-08-12 15:47:03http://exe.io/tcjfM1c
Leak 510k [EMAIL_PASS] HQ Private Duplicate Removed2020-08-12 15:45:58http://exe.io/rwAFWLuI
350k France MIX2020-08-12 15:45:22http://exe.io/zPReKn
429K HQ UP Private Premium FR2020-08-12 15:44:24http://exe.io/nim90RCu
19.000 MAIL ACCESS (email:pass)2020-08-11 14:32:30http://exe.io/UOcN
75k Semi Mail Access HQ Email:pass Combolist base 2020-08-11 14:31:41http://exe.io/BSRWJw
105k aol.com domain email:pass2020-08-11 14:31:14http://exe.io/EHjTk
200K EU Mix2020-08-11 12:51:38http://exe.io/eEEPGM7R
745K FRANCE UHQ2020-08-11 12:51:21http://exe.io/XAcPg
Leak 65k Full Mail ACcess Combo list Germany France Italy2020-08-11 12:50:45http://exe.io/tkFvKJ
500K FRESH MIXED MAIL ACCESS COMBO2020-08-11 12:50:07http://exe.io/XQo4yx
315K+ HQ COMBOS [Email:Pass] 2020-08-11 12:49:33http://exe.io/KnLpE3R
811K+ HQ Combolist For (Shopping, Streaming, Betting, Foods ,Gaming,VPN ) other Sites Hits 2020-08-11 12:49:07http://exe.io/SjBb
820K+ Private UHD 2020-08-11 12:48:35http://exe.io/UrvTBe
330K+ Ultra Gaming Hits (pass: combo-list.com)2020-08-11 12:03:55http://exe.io/yQfbwr
544k Mix 2020-07-27 19:25:01http://exe.io/v7yGinq
46k email;pass EU and MIX full PRIVATE/ACCES2020-07-24 19:09:35http://exe.io/71hDY
144k France Domain HQ Private Combolist Sqli 2020-07-24 19:09:13http://exe.io/vuLPC
3,550,000 HQ Private Golden Mixed Email:Pass2020-07-24 19:07:35http://exe.io/OrJ9vg
[VERY HQ] 150K MAIL:PASS ITALY COMBOLIST! 2020-07-24 19:07:04http://exe.io/XT06A8
HQ 320k User:Pass Combo2020-07-24 19:06:37http://exe.io/oV0yApaA
162k Mix Private2020-07-24 19:04:42http://exe.io/BZdD
590k Combo Mix Private2020-07-17 11:08:28http://exe.io/PkYxw
300k HQ private mail access2020-07-05 10:56:02http://exe.io/KxFY0
57k email;pass USA FULL PRIVATE2020-07-05 10:55:32http://exe.io/IEvD4m9L
555k MixedDatabases Good For Everything 2020-07-01 12:36:40http://exe.io/IOqe4
100k Combo List Good Hit Rates 2020-07-01 12:36:24http://exe.io/bs970W
553K COMBOS -Spotify, Fortnite, Minecraft- COMBOS 2020-07-01 12:36:06http://exe.io/3RJB66
382k India Databases Good For Everything2020-06-26 13:07:14http://exe.io/TdDQiROi
732K | Private & HQ for everything | 2020-06-26 13:06:57http://exe.io/Lp36IAdC
5 Million 100% private_zabugor2020-06-26 13:06:17http://exe.io/JB6Tu
150k Gaming Databases2020-06-24 12:29:21http://exe.io/9vxyUJF
100% VALID 20.000 LINES SEMI PRIVATE PREMIUM LEAK2020-06-24 12:29:08http://exe.io/3f74czB
374K Combo HQ2020-06-24 12:28:42http://exe.io/7xq4h1D
144K United Kingdom 2020-06-24 12:28:21http://exe.io/Ekna7kq
223K HQ COMBOLIST FOR [ GAMES, SHOPPING, PORN, STREAMING ]2020-06-22 21:31:35http://exe.io/923S8TAk
124K GAMING EMAIL PASS 2020-06-22 21:31:18http://exe.io/AlAKFGZD
311K ITALY private2020-06-19 19:47:33http://exe.io/XzAXxGC
400k EMAIL:PASS Private RUSSIA TARGETED2020-06-19 19:47:18http://exe.io/Fzq7CA
538K GAMING USER:PASS2020-06-19 19:46:49http://exe.io/X12pqo
240k HQ Mail Acces Combo Mix2020-06-19 19:46:36http://exe.io/FNWZC
45k MIX 99% Antipublic2020-06-19 19:44:59http://exe.io/guUs
100k EXTREMELY HQ Mail:Pass2020-06-18 23:12:12http://exe.io/mPjX00
50k PAID PRIVATE MAIL:PASS2020-06-18 23:11:42http://exe.io/yNiQf3TX
20K GAMING COMBO2020-06-18 23:11:22http://exe.io/MLdclW
845K | Private & HQ for everything ! 2020-06-18 23:10:50http://exe.io/l6oLZWf
360k HQ Mail Acces Combo Mix 2020-06-18 23:10:37http://exe.io/OB1NV
[HQ] 108k combolist email:pass2020-06-15 15:28:44http://exe.io/gRgV
31K HQ COMBOLIST FOR [GAMES, SHOPPING, PORN, STREAMING] 2020-06-15 15:28:29http://exe.io/WrAF3
440K HQ mail:pass2020-06-15 15:25:31http://exe.io/JTk7P
200k [mail:pass]2020-06-15 15:25:11http://exe.io/sw8VHwvb
X300K UHQ Mail Access Paid Combos [Mail:Pass] 2020-06-11 12:24:16http://exe.io/JWdBK
76.8K |GAMING | SHOPPING | STREAMING2020-06-11 12:23:49http://exe.io/mj4d5cHV
380K GAMING COMBOLIST - USER:PASSWORD2020-06-11 12:23:25http://exe.io/ekVKhNi
280K HQ COMBOLIST EMAIL:PASS2020-06-11 12:23:05http://exe.io/vTuFIsA
57K HQ USA COMBOLIST 2020-06-11 12:22:32http://exe.io/wLQqzik
16.2K GERMANY COMBOLIST PREMIUM 2020-06-11 12:21:49http://exe.io/G4HlrTV0
100k EXTREMELY HQ Mail:Pass Combo (GOOD FOR EVERYTHING) 2020-06-11 12:21:30http://exe.io/zAkwmLpW
756K COMBO LIST || EMAIL:PASSWORD || PSN, ORIGIN, STEAM, PORN, NetFlix, Spotify2020-06-11 12:20:59http://exe.io/8gUJj
65K UHQ Mail Access Fresh Hits2020-06-08 17:43:46http://exe.io/qnhvA
302k combo list france2020-06-08 17:42:40http://exe.io/L3lMD
350K |GAMING | SHOPPING | STREAMING2020-06-08 17:42:10http://exe.io/sYH0F
? 250K USA ? HQ FRESH COMBOLIST2020-06-08 17:41:55http://exe.io/o05F9q
100k Gaming Combo 2020-06-08 17:41:33http://exe.io/hIsNyEg
730k HQ France Combo2020-06-08 17:41:19http://exe.io/CzKfCvX
322K GMAIL 2020-06-08 17:41:03http://exe.io/b2MRU
COMBO| HQ 66K MINECRAFT 2020-06-08 17:40:44http://exe.io/RW0QCF

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